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The 21st-Century Skills Bundle

Teaches financial literacy 
Value $129 

Pigzbe is a fun, hand-held, home for your child’s digital pocket money – we call it a ‘piggy wallet’! Used with the Pigzbe App, and our new educational currency called Wollo, it introduces children to the building blocks of modern money management in the 21st century.

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Bare Conductive - Touch Board Starter Kit
Teaches relationship between touch and sound 
Value $119

The Touch Board Starter Kit has everything you need to turn any surface, object or space into a sensor. In this box you’ll find a Touch Board, Electric Paint, essential components and everything you need to start creating interactive electronic projects.

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BleepBleeps - Suzy Snooze
Teaches healthy sleep habits
Value $125

Suzy Snooze gets your kids to sleep and keeps them asleep all through the night. Connect Suzy to the BleepBleeps app and she becomes an Audio Baby Monitor on your smartphone.

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Doki -dokiWatch S
Teaches assimilation to technology 
Value $179

DokiWatch S is the first kids smartwatch with video calling capabilities. It combines communication, safety, and fitness functions in one simple device. Kids can easily stay in touch with contacts with the tap of a screen.

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Infento - Pioneer Kit
Teaches creativity, collaboration, communication & critical thinking 
Value $199

Infento empowers families to build real constructible rides together; like Lego and Meccano, but then life-size. With the Pioneer Kit, you can build 7 super fun rides suitable for kids aged 6 to 14.

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MUtable - F holder Basic KIT
Teaches creativity 
Value $109

F-holder is a play base fully compatible with all MUtable's games. The basic kit includes, in addition to F-holder, one D-holder, 3 Games and 2 Apps.

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Primo Toys - Cubetto
Teaches coding through screenless play 
Value $225

Cubetto is the friendly wooden robot that will teach your child the basics of computer programming through adventure and 
hands-on play. Montessori approved, LOGO Turtle inspired.

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Robolink - CoDrone
Teaches to code with a drone 
Value $179

The CoDrone is a tiny quadcopter drone that you can easily program to do whatever you want. The CoDrone lite includes the CoDrone itself and the Bluetooth (BLE) board that allows your computer to communicate with the CoDrone. 

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Shifu - Orboot
Teaches world knowledge
Value $49

Orboot is an interactive AR globe that takes you on an adventurous ride around the world and brings alive the regional highlights on your screen. 

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Shifu - Plugo
Teaches critical thinking, mathematics, problem solving, vocabulary
Value $79

Plugo is an AR gaming system that makes STEM super fun and hands-on - 1 gamepad, 4 interchangeable kits, unlimited gaming! 

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Kids age 4+ are introduced to basic circuits and how electricity works playing with conductive dough!

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Tech Will Save Us - 
Dough Universe
Teaches electronics
Value $149

*Pigzbe, MUtable, Infento and Plugo delivered separately after Christmas

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